In a business landscape that is constantly evolving, it is very important that our people receive the training, guidance and support they need to perform at the highest level. Our approach to performance management ensures that co-workers undoubtedly understand which goals and behaviours constitute success and how their individual goals align with Galibier’s targeted goals. Line managers are supported at each step of this cycle through training and coaching. Our annual review process, meanwhile, means that leaders take time to discuss and review the performance of every employee, while identifying ways to develop their strengths and ensure that Galibier continues to grow its leadership pipeline for the future.

Galiber offers a wide range of targeted employee development programmes at all levels. These include a curriculum of core financial training, which aims to provide employees with the tools and knowledge to share ideas and contribute to internal debate, irrespective of their seniority.

Our accent on knowledge training goes hand in hand with a strong focus on teamwork and communication. This includes feedback and training around written and verbal presentation skills, as well as coaching to encourage collaboration, using both internal and leading external providers.

Aside from these formal seminars and certification curriculums, we have regular Galibier-wide presentations from corporate leaders and international experts to stimulate innovative thinking and give employees the opportunity to keep up to date on the latest industry news and analysis.

Galibier’s leaders are expected to embody our values and act as examples for others. To help them as much as possible, we provide leadership and executive development programs, which put together the best of our knowledge and experience with the contemporary practices from around the globe. We also keep active relationships with various academic institutions.


Galibier is firmly committed to developing local talent. On and off, for graduates joining Galibier, we offer the year one graduate programme, which provides an immersive introduction to Galibier and the key skills and financial knowledge needed to succeed. This includes guided study to develop their financial skills, interactive simulations, as well as work experience within different investment departments to build core analysis skills and familiarise trainees with all parts of the business. Upon completion of this initial year, graduates are assigned to a department where learning becomes more department-specific and aimed at developing advanced interpersonal skills. As a whole, this training provides graduates with a smooth entry into the work environment and a strong platform from which to build successful careers.

Our scholarship programme, meanwhile, works closely with local schools to identify, develop and track youngsters with strong academic performance and leadership skills. Short-listed candidates undergo a rigorous selection process, which involves language and psychometric testing, as well as tests on competency skills and interviews. The goal is to nurture talent through exposure to best educational practices and world-class standards.

The objectives of the scholarship programme are also aligned to ensure that, if selected, students are able to transition seamlessly after graduation into Galibier’s Year One Graduate Programme.